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application platform as a service (cloud service) (aPaaS)

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is a cloud service that provides environments for developing and running software applications. With aPaaS, developers can create complex applications that might exceed the capabilities of their own hardware.

Through aPaaS, startups and less experienced developers, can build apps using low- code/no-code( LCNC) platforms with little programming effort and without a large investment for on-premise clouds. The aPaaS concept also reduces ongoing costs for skilled labor and for building and maintaining in-house infrastructure.

aPaaS provides the environment for applications to run across a combination of services in the Anything as a Service(XaaS) family: Platform as a Service( PaaS), Software as a Service( SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service( IaaS). These services provide the operating system, software development tools and hardware such as networks, computers and storage that the running or developed applications require. Tools for analytics and database management are also included.

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