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The term matching covers many topics dealt with in the context of In general, adaptation is about optimizing the transfer of energy between two electronic components, cables or circuits. It is about the optimal adaptation of the energy of a component, system or electronic circuit to another system.

In adaptation, the physical quantity to be adapted is decisive. A voltage matching meets different conditions than a power matching, a resistance matching or impedance matching, other than a noise matching. Decisive for the optimal matching is the relation between internal and load resistance of the two- or four-pole. For example, in antennas, optimum impedance matching is achieved when the line impedance is equal to the footpoint resistance. For loudspeakers, the acoustic impedance and the sound characteristic impedance determine the optimum matching.

Furthermore, matching is also about those of physical quantities that are picked up by sensors and implemented by actuators. These adaptations are, for example, the psychoacoustic adaptation of the sound or the optical adaptation of the light to the environmental conditions.

The term adaptation also stands for hardware and software adaptations, for different character sets, encodings, file formats or protocols.

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