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SAE level

The Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE) has defined six automation classes for automated driving systems ( ADS), which are referred to as SAE levels in SAE standard J3016:

SAE Level 0. No automation At SAE level 0, the driver has complete control of the vehicle and the system. Systems that may fall into this category are collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems.

The six SAE levels

The six SAE levels

SAE Level 1 Driver Assistance The driver is in control of the vehicle, but the system can change the vehicle's speed and steering direction. Systems that may fall into this category are adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.

SAELevel 2. Partial Automation SAE Level 2 requires the driver to control the vehicle when corrections are needed, but the driver no longer has control over the vehicle's speed and steering. Parking assist is an example of such a system that falls into this category, along with the autopilot function.

SAE level 3. conditional automation The system has complete control over vehicle functions such as speed, steering, and monitoring of the environment under certain conditions, for example, on a secured car road without junctions and with limited driving speed. The driver must be ready to intervene and take control of the vehicle.

SAE level 4. High automation At SAE level 4, the automated system can perform all driving tasks itself and monitor the driving environment under certain circumstances. No driver intervention is required.

SAE level 5. full automation An automated driving system (ADS) drives the vehicle fully autonomously and can take over all driving behavior under all circumstances. The human occupants are only passengers and never need to be involved in driving.

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