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The credit card institutions, savings banks and banks have their own online payment systems with NFC credit cards. At Visa this system is called Paywave, at Mastercard Paypass

and at the savings banks and VR banks Girogo. Girogo, like the other systems, works with an NFC credit card that can be loaded with credit at cash terminals like a cash card

. TheNFC credit cards are online wallets for mobile payment

for low amounts of money. The amount of credit that can be loaded is limited to a euro value of several hundred euros, as is the payment amount, which with Girogo is a maximum of twenty euros. The payment process takes place by holding the NFC credit card just a few centimeters in front of the NFC terminal.

Girogo is accepted by some American burger chains and by various gas station chains. So that the customer also knows where he can pay with Paypass, the Girogo system offers a shop finder.

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