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Federal Office for Information Security

The Federal Office for InformationSecurity(BSI) is a federal authority that was founded in 1991 after the BSI Establishment Act came into force. The BSI's remit is to develop and promote technologies for secure networks for information technology.

The BSI's activities focus on protection against viruses, electronic signatures, Internet security, basic IT protection, the review of security architectures and e-government. Various working groups deal with the further development of e-government, the provision ofcomputer services for federal authorities, and Internet security. The BSI produces documents for the aforementioned focal areas, which can be accessed via the Internet.

IT security certificate from the BSI

IT security certificate from the BSI

The Federal Office for Information Security develops standards and guidelines for IT security. These BSI standards contain recommendations and proposed solutions with which common security problems can be countered. These include the BSI Standards 100-1 for the Information Security Management System( ISMS).

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