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FC connector

The FC connector or FC/ PC connector is a fiber optic connector that can be used with multimode fibers( ITU recommendation G.651) and monomode fibers (ITU recommendation G.652). Its connection dimensions are based on IEC 86B (Secretariat) 64.

The screw locking system with anti- rotation protection used in the FC/PC connector - FC stands for Ferrule Connector, PC for Physical Contact - poses similar problems in practical use as the FSMA connector. Its insertion loss is typically 0.15 dB for multimode fibers and 0.2 dB for single mode fibers. The number of mating cycles is 1,000.

FC/PC connector with coupling. Photo: Huber + Suhner

FC/PC connector with coupling. Photo: Huber + Suhner

Under laboratory conditions, results can be achieved that are quite equal to those of the ST connector. The fiber, which is bonded to the connector, is guided in a ferrule made of ceramic or steel with a length of 4 mm and a pin diameter of 2.5 mm. The connector end faces are convex ground and provide face-to-face coupling with Physical Contact (PC). The FC connector has long been the standard connector for PTTs in the USA and Japan. It is rarely used in Europe, and if so, then mainly in optical networks.

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