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EM-RJ connector

The EM-RJ plug is a fiber optic duplex plug for polymer fibers with the plug format of the RJ45 plug. The EM-RJ plug is robust, it can be configured on site and is recommended for use in industrial and home cabling.

EM-RJ plug for home cabling, photo: Euromicron

EM-RJ plug for home cabling, photo: Euromicron

The metallic ferrules made of nickel silver have a diameter of 2.5 mm. The ferrule holes are 1.04 mm. It has a locking mechanism with push-pull mechanism and a special strain relief for polymer fibers. The EM-RJ connector can be used in a temperature range between -40 °C and +90 °C. The housing colour is black and white.

The EM-RJ connector is designed to be equipped as a hybrid connector with eight metal contacts.

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