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4 pair power over Ethernet (802.3bt) (4PPoE)

4 Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE) is a method for Power over Ethernet( PoE) over four wire pairs. This Ethernet standard was developed by the IEEE working group802.3bt and uses four wire pairs and is also known as PoE++.

The powers for the Powered Devices( PD) depend on the type and class classification. For 802.3bt, there are Types 3 and 4 and Power Classes 5, 6, 7 and 8. For Power Sourcing Equipment( PSE), the power ratings are 45 W for Type 3 Power Class 5, 60 W (3/6), 75 W (4/7) and 90 W (4/8). The power values arriving at the Powered Devices (PD) are about 10% to 20% lower due to losses in the transmission lines and connectors. Maximum current ratings are 500 mA (3/5), 720 mA (4/7), and 860 mA (4/8).

Operation requires mutual identification of the 4-pair operation. The 4PPoE technology supports all Ethernet technologies that work with four wire pairs, such as 10GBase-T.

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