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wide dynamic range compression (WDRC)

Wide Dynamic RangeCompression (WDRC) is a dynamic volume compression used in hearing aids. Dynamic range compression reduces the amplitude of

the audio signal as a function of the signal level. With WDRC compression

, thesound pressure of the output level is linear, at a ratio of 1:1, to the sound pressure of the input level. For example, if the input level increases by 20 dB, then the output level also increases by 20 dB. Above a certain input level, for example at 40 dBSPL, compression still occurs linearly, but at a smaller compression ratio

, less than 1:1. Thus, at a compression ratio of 2:1, a 20 dB increase in input level results in a 10 dB increase in output level; at a compression ratio of 3:1, a 30 dB change in input level results in a 10 dB change in output level. This means that soft sounds become readily audible, while loud sounds are reproduced more quietly. The WDRC process thus represents a balance between audibility and listening comfort.

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