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universal personal telecommunications (IN) (UPT)

Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT) is a standardized service of fixed and mobile networks that gives the subscriber worldwide mobility, independent of the respective network operator. The service code is valid worldwide and is assigned a personal service profile.

In contrast to number portability, where the subscriber can keep his or her number when switching to another network operator, the subscriber to the UPT service receives a number that differs significantly from his or her original number, which is embedded in the country code.

The UPT service is implemented in the intelligent network( IN) and supports the worldwide mobility of the subscriber, who can be reached everywhere under a uniform call number. In addition, all call charges can be billed via the UPT account and authentications can be implemented independent of the operator. The UPT user can configure his own service profiles. Each UPT service profile belongs to a UPT number.

In 1996, the International Telecommunication Union( ITU-T) defined the service code (0)878 for the UPT service. This service code can be used to obtain a uniform worldwide telephone number.

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