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ultra high voltage direct current (UHVDC)

UHVDC technology, Ultra High Voltage Direct Current, is an ultra-high voltage technology with direct current transmission. In terms of voltage and power, it is located above HVDC technologyand transmits voltages of over 800 kV.

UHVDC technology is used in trunk lines that transmit power with overhead lines or underground cables. Since the UHVDC voltage is higher than that of High Voltage Direct Current(HVDC), the transmission values are slightly better. Thus, increasing the transmission voltage reduces the power loss to about 3% for a line length of 1,000 km. With UHVDC transmission, the transmittable power depends on the voltage. For example, with voltages of 800 kV, power of about 8,000 MW can be transmitted. At 1,100 kV, the value increases to 10,000 MW.

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