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transceiver converter

The term transverter is formed from the terms transceiver and converter. A transverter is a transmitter with frequency conversion.

By mixing two frequencies, new frequencies can be obtained which correspond to the addition and subtraction of both frequencies. Such a frequency mixing process is used, for example, in superheterodyne receivers to generate the intermediate frequency.

In the transverter, on the other hand, one transmit frequency is transferred to another transmit frequency. The transverter technique is used in amateur radio, for example, when a transmit frequency from the 2-m band is to be transferred to one in the 70-cm band. For this purpose, the transmit frequency of the 2-m band, which can be between 144 MHz and 146 MHz, is mixed in a mixer with a fixed frequency of 294 MHz, resulting in a frequency between 438 MHz and 440 MHz in the upper sideband. In the calculation, for example, the base frequency of 144 MHz is offset by 294 MHz. Thus 144 MHz plus 294 MHz corresponds to 438 MHz.

The frequency conversion can also be performed from a higher frequency band to a lower one.

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