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Signalling is the exchange of switching information between the subscriber's data terminal equipment (DTE) and the exchange that forms the data transmission equipment (DCE). Signalling is part of signalling and is used to establish and terminate connections

. Signalling is part of

signalling.If it takes place in the user channel, it is referred to as inner-band signalling; if a separate transmission channel is available for signalling, which is permanently assigned to the user channel, it is referred to as outer-band signalling

. In addition, there is alsocentral channel signalling

, in which transmission takes place via separate line bundles with common signalling channels. The known signalling procedures in the access network of the telephone network are the multi-frequency dialling procedure (DTMF) and the two-tone procedure (DTMF) and in ISDN these are the 1TR6 protocol and the Digital Subscriber System No. 1 (DSS1). SS7 signalling is used in the interconnection network.

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