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shared call appearance (VoIP) (SCA)

Shared Call Appearance (SCA) allows Internet telephony( VoIP) subscribers to use a single phone number to operate multiple devices at different network locations. SCA allows one account to be used for different devices. For example, for cell phones, smartphones or personal computers.

VoIP phones and other devices running VoIP software can support multiple SCA lines. For all of the devices accessible under the phone number, the phone will ring and calls can be answered. All devices connected under the phone number can make calls and receive incoming calls. However, the call answering software runs only on one device. In the case of multiple calls, the calls are forwarded to the active device or, if there are multiple device groups, to these or to secondary numbers.

In addition to SCA technology, there is also Shared Line Appearance( SLA), which also supports VoIP techniques, a similar service that often runs on the same devices.

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