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public key infrastructure exchange (PKIX)

In asymmetric encryption, the focus is on digital signatures and key exchange

. In the Internet Engineering Task

Force(IETF), a special working group

hasbeen dealing with this topic since 1995 and has developed PKIX (Public Key Infrastructure Exchange), a standard

for key exchange on the Internet, which supports X.509-based PKI systems.PKIX is based on the X.509 authentication standard. Through the standardization work, the original goal has been significantly expanded and further standards have been developed, such as version 3 of X.509 described in RFC

2459 or version 2 of CRL for use on the Internet. PKIXis supported by the following activities

:PKIX-OSCP-01: Online Certificate Status Protocol

(OCSP), described in RFC 2560PKIX-OSCPC: Caching the Online Certificate Status Protocol, Draft Proposal


PKIX-SVCP: Simple Certificate Validation

Protocol (SCVP)PKIX-TSP: Timestamp Protocol (TSP).

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