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A post is an entry made by an individual user in a newsgroup, discussion forum or chat. Entries in weblogs

are also referred to as posts. In blogs, the entries are ordered chronologically, but in reverse order. The last entry is the most recent and comes first. Sending the post is called

posting.If the post is sent to several discussion forums at the same time, it is called crossposting.

In addition to classic posts, Facebook also has visible and invisible posts, which are called targeted posts, dark posts or unpublished posts. Targeted posts are visible posts that are transmitted to selected fans and are only displayed in their own newsfeeds. Targeted posts can only be sent if the operating mode is activated. Dark Posts or Unpublished Posts are sent to your own fans like Targeted Posts and appear in their newsfeeds. However, they are not displayed on your own Facebook Wall. One difference to Targeted Posts is that Dark Posts can optionally work with keywords.

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