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personal response system (education) (PRS)

Personal Response System(PRS) is a question-answering system used in training. PRS systems are client- server systems in which the instructor has a question catalog on his server and the trainees receive the questions on their computers, the clients.

Personal Response Systems usually work with multiple-choice technology, where the trainees can enter their answers into a simple, radio-based hand-held terminal or into their computer connected to a WLAN. The answers are transmitted to the server, where they are analyzed. In addition to the normal question-and-answer technique, PRS systems are also suitable for quick tests, where the aim is to answer questions within a specific time window. PRS systems can be configured to ensure the anonymity of users. This also makes them suitable for group surveys.

Interaction is possible between the instructor's server and the trainees' terminals, via which students can be individually supported in their learning goals.

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