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one to one communication

The Internet has three main communication principles: One-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many. The one-to-one principle, in which two communication partners can communicate with each other in real time, is practiced in PC communication and especially in mobile message services.

In addition to private communication between two communication partners, as offered by e-mail, short message service( SMS) and instant messaging( IM), message services also include services in which communication between a message creator and several or many message recipients is one-to-many.

The email or SMS that is transmitted from one person to another is a typical example of one-to-one communication. However, if a piece of information is created by one person and transmitted to many, then it is one-to-many communication. Blogs and microblogs belong to this group. Websites are also exemplary of this. In the social networks, Facebook, Xing and many others represent many-to-many communication, where many users communicate with many other users.

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