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laser meter

A laser meter is a non-contact distance measuring device that uses short laser pulses to accurately measure the distance or gap between two points.

In principle, laser meters or laser distance meters work with a strongly focused laser beam that is emitted in pulsed form onto the distant target. The reflection of the light pulse is detected by a photodiode. The distance is determined via the speed of light from the time difference required by the light pulse between emission and detection of the reflection. Since the accuracy of the measurement results is in the millimeter range, the time measurement is a matter of billionths of a second. The higher the time resolution, the higher the accuracy. To protect operators, laser meters work with laser classes that do not cause eye damage.

Leica Disto D510 laser meter, Photo: Leica

Leica Disto D510 laser meter, Photo: Leica

Laser measurement technology is used primarily in the construction industry: by architects, carpenters, roofers and building fitters. Due to the integrative further processing of the measured values, laser meters can calculate areas and volumes via triangulation, add or subtract them. The devices offer corresponding interfaces and apps for mobile computers and smartphones. Typical characteristic values for laser meters are the distance range, which can be several hundred meters, the resolution of 1 mm and the accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm.

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