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hue, saturation, value (HSV)

The HSV color model is a user-oriented color model that can be seen as a section of the RGB color model. HSV stands for Hue, i.e. colortone, Saturation, color saturation, and Value for brightness.

The HSV color model corresponds to the neural color representation and is represented in a hexagonal pyramid on the brightness axis of the RGB color model.

The hue corresponds to the angle in the hexagon, the saturation to the length of the vector that can be formed from the brightness axis to the edge of the pyramid. An angle of 0° represents red, 120° represents green, and 240° represents blue. A color vector of short length is a pastel tone. The center axis between black and white contains the gray values.

HSV color model

HSV color model

The brightness of the color can be between "0" for black and "1" for white and is given by the distance from the tip of the pyramid (black). Gray values have no color component, they are located on the brightness axis and vary only in V-value.

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