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high performance computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing (HPC) means high performance computing. It is an aggregation ofcomputing power that generates many times the computing power of a desktop. This means that high-performance computing is used for tasks that cannot be solved with desktop computers or only with a disproportionately high expenditure of time.

High Performance Computing refers to the use of high-performance computers and supercomputers for the calculation of complex processes in medical technology, for weather models, meteorological models, models of solid-state physics, space research, military technology, virtual reality, simulation technology and crash tests as well as for the graphic calculation of film sequences. High-performance computing is also used in business applications, such as high-frequency securities trading, transactions, and data warehousing.

High Performance Computing is many times more powerful than conventional processors. These computers have computing power of teraflops (TFLOPS) and petaflops (PFLOPS). To be able to realize these values, high-performance computers are parallel computers. HPC computers include parallel supercomputers, computer clusters and grid computing.

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