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first person view (FPV)

First Person View (FPV) translates to "view from the personal perspective". It is a term used in VR headsets and drone technology. As for drone technology, the photos or image sequences taken by the drone are transmitted to the person controlling it and can be viewed directly on a screen

. The FPV drone remotely or autonomously flies over a certain area, which may be inaccessible, according to a pre-programmed trajectory, sending the photos and videos to the receiving site. The FPV technology can transmit the captured photos and videos directly to the receiving site, so that the viewers can get a quick overview and, if necessary, correct the flight path or the camera setting via the remote control. On the other hand, the video can also be stored in the camera module

and viewed after the drone has landed. With this technique, no control or readjustment of the flight path or camera settings is possible. The First Person View technique can be used in rescue missions, for example in the mountains, in calculating storm damage in forests, checking for ripeness in agriculture or inspecting damage to high-rise buildings and bridges, to name but a few.

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