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electronic ticketing (eTicket)

E-tickets are electronic tickets that are increasingly replacing conventional admission tickets or travel tickets. A large spread of paperless e-tickets can be observed in the travel industry with airlines and passenger trains, but also at major events.

E-ticketing has the advantage that customers can conveniently view the travel details and purchase an e-ticket on their computer. When they book, they receive this as an attachment with the e-mail confirmation. The e-ticket is made out to the traveler and contains all the travel details such as the departure city, departure time, arrival airport, arrival time, flight numbers, etc. It can be downloaded as a QR code on the smartphone


Mobile ticketing with the Aztec code, Photo:

Mobile ticketing with the Aztec code, Photo:

The identity of the traveller is verified via the passport at the check-in counter or via QR code readers in passenger trains by the conductor. In local public transport, the e-ticket is often stored in the form of an electronic data record on a chip card or as a mobile ticket on a smartphone. Multiple use of e-tickets is excluded when the QR code is checked.

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