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digital audio workstation (DAW)

A digitalaudioworkstation (DAW) is an audio system for recording, mixing, and playing back digital audio; it is a computer-based audio system for editing audio recordings. A DAW system consists of powerful software for multitrack editing and various audio components that are available as hardware or plug-ins, or are emulated.

Such an audio workstation can be supplemented by further external audio devices; by enhancers and equalizers, by exciters, flangers, compressors or reverberation devices.

Audio workstation (DAW) from Yamaha

Audio workstation (DAW) from Yamaha

In addition to digital signal processing( DSP), conversions with A/D converters and D/A converters play an essential role in the quality of a DAW system. The performance of digital audio systems is also determined by the processing power of the processor and that of other computer components such as the chipsets, hard disks, RAM, audio cards, and operating system.

DAW systems can be stand-alone systems or be equipped with an external computer that runs the corresponding audio processing programs.

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