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centronics parallel interface

The Centronics interface is a plug-in connection for 8-bitparallel transmission between different devices, usually for connecting a printer. In addition to the eight lines for data

, control signals are also transmitted via the Centronics. The Centronics interface is available as a 36-pin interface (C36) and in a 25-pin version, which is used on the computer side. The 36-pin Centronics connector has a double-sided contact strip and a clamping bracket, the 25-pin version has pin contacts. The logical levels

for the logical "1" are 2.45 V, for the logical "0" 0.8 V.

36-pin Centronics connector, photo: content.answer

36-pin Centronics connector, photo: content.answer

The classic Centronics interface can only transmit signalsunidirectionally from the computer to the printer. In this operating mode, the Standard Parallel Port (SPP), no status messages can be transmitted from the printer to the computer. The Centronics interface was replaced in 1994 by IEEE 1284, which is incompatible with Centronics.

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