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centrex service (CTX)

Centrex service (CTX) is a value-added voice Tk service offered by independent operators, but also by city network operators, which generates significant potential savings for enterprises.

Centrex service is a type of outsourcing in which the local carrier switches additional service features to the user via the exchange operated by the operator. The operator provides all the switching equipment necessary for telephony for the companies. As a result, the companies do not have their own telephone infrastructure; all value-added services offered are provided by the operator.

Centrex central office

Centrex central office

Since the Centrex solution usually eliminates the PBX in the company, the company connection is made via concentrators or multiplexers. Inconjunction withVoIP, Centrex can be expanded from classictime-divisionmultiplex(TDM) to IP Centre x. This concept is a hosted operation with a virtual PBX managed by appropriate providers.

The Centrex service is particularly interesting for corporate organizations or workgroups with frequent changes of location.

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