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business process automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a technology that automates business processes. The automated activities perform specific functions within the business processes, with no or minimal human intervention.

Business process automation is used to achieve predefined business goals in marketing and management, supply chains or human resource development, and many other business areas. Business processes are often triggered by a defined event, such as the predefined execution of the workflow. Thus, the workflow should be simplified and improved by the Business Process Automation. The goal of Business Process Automation is not only to replace manual work with automation, but also to simplify and improve the workflow steps that make up the process. Corresponding BPA activities can be executed as stand-alone activities or integrated into a management strategy such as that of Business Process Management( BPM).

Business process automation improves the efficiency of the company, it leads to standardizations that bring higher productivity, lower costs, higher revenues and better customer service.

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