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The term blueprint is used in a wide variety of contexts. In the context discussed here, we are talking about the blueprint in marketing and service. In general, the term blueprint comes from construction engineering and refers to the blueprint of a construction plan. On such a blueprint, the links were shown as white lines on a blue background.

  1. Transferred to services and marketing, a blueprint is a structured graphical block diagram of processes and their interconnections. Such a block diagram illustrates the points of connection between the services offered by a company and the wishes and ideas of its customers. The integration of the customer is the decisive difference between a Blueprint and a classic representation of the processes, since the integration of the customer into the service process makes it possible to realize a solution that is geared to the customer.
  2. Blueprint as a strategic concept from which the company's target commitments emerge. Such a blueprint can be about customer priorities, availability, offers and, above all, timing. In e-marketing, for example, it is about improving a company's web presence, increasing leads, or using web analytics to manage traffic more optimally. From the blueprints, the interrelationships of the various marketing activities can be identified, coordinated with the customer's ideas and implemented accordingly.
  3. Blueprints for software and software design. A software Blueprint represents the final product of a software Blueprint.P process. Such a Blueprint should have several key characteristics in analogy to the classical blueprint, from which the name is derived. A software Blueprint separates the logical orthogonal aspects of the software and facilitates thereby the localization of the associated logics. With the software development the conception can be transferred to Blueprints. Such a blueprint for individual user programs consists of modular building blocks that can be flexibly combined.
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