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billing increment

Inmobile communications, telephone calls are billed according to a billing increment, where the increment is specified in seconds and consists of two digits separated by a slash. For example, 60/10.

The first digit refers to the clock pulse duration, specified in seconds, the second is used to determine the billing clock pulse. For example, 60/10 means that the first 60 seconds are billed in full, while the following call duration is billed at a rate of 10 seconds. For a call duration of 83 seconds, for example, the first minute is billed in full, and 30 seconds are billed for the remaining 23 seconds.

If the billing cycle is 60/1, then the second minute of the call is billed to the second. If the billing cycle is 60/60, the started call minutes are billed in full. In the previously assumed example of a call duration of 83 seconds, two minutes would be billed. This billing cycle is recommended for low rates and long call durations.

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