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audio conference (AC)

Indigital fixed and mobile networks, there are two features where several subscribers can be connected to each other and communicate together: the three-party conference, the Three Party Service(3PTY), and the conference call, the Conference Call( CONF). In both switching techniques, three or more participants are connected to each other.

In the case of telephone conferences, Audio Conference( AC), with more than three participants, it is a Conference Call (CONF) in which each participant can independently dial into a conference call that has been called. The conference call itself is convened on the basis of a list of participants. Up to ten or even more conference participants can take part. Participants receive access rights in advance for dialing into the conference call. During the conference itself, participants can also dial out again. It is advisable for each participant to introduce themselves by name.

To enable participants to present their points of view and objections in an orderly manner, telephone conferences must be moderated by a moderator who grants participants permission to speak. To support the exchange of ideas, documents can also be shown and exchanged during conference calls.

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