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In many areas of daily life, there is personal data that is deemed worthy of protection by the legislator and that is not intended for third parties. Such information includes medical data and findings as well as voting decisions. Anonymization involves either deleting the personal data or falsifying it in such a way that no conclusions can be drawn about the original information.

Anonymization is described in the German Federal Data Protection Act(BDSG). According to this, anonymization is "the alteration of personal data in such a way that the individual information about personal or factual circumstances can no longer be attributed to a specific or identifiable natural person, or can only be attributed to a specific or identifiable natural person with a disproportionate amount oftime, cost and effort."

Anonymization of an election survey

Anonymization of an election survey

Anonymization can be done by omitting important information such as the name. The individual remains anonymous. Even though the remaining information in a table retains its full significance and can be used for statistical surveys or cost estimates, there is no way to assign the data to individuals.

Data can be changed not only by anonymization, but also by pseudonymization.

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