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ZigBee Pro

ZigBee Pro is one of three ZigBee standards under ZigBee 3.0, the others being ZigBee RF4CE and ZigBee IP. ZigBee Pro can be used to implement larger wireless mesh networks with up to 64,000 nodes. In addition, ZigBee Pro with ZigBee Green Power is energy-efficient and allows the use of energy-autonomous sensors powered by Micro Energy Harvesting

(MEH). The ZigBee Pro specifications developed by the ZigBee Alliance extend the IEEE standard 802.15.4 by adding a Security and Network Layer and an ApplicationFramework. The concept meets the device-to-device communication requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT). It supports low-cost, low-power mesh networks

and provides high reliability. ZigBee Pro devices can be simple sensors of low complexity

ZigBee Profiles and ZigBee Green Power

Specifications of ZigBee and ZigBee Pro

Specifications of ZigBee and ZigBee Pro

Under ZigBee-Pro, there are, among others.the following ZigBee profiles: ZigBee Light Link (ZLL), ZigBee Home Automation (ZHA), ZigBee Building Automation (ZBA), ZigBee Telecom Service (ZTS), ZigBee Retail Services (ZRS), ZigBee Health Care (ZHC) and ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE). The ZigBee Pro variant has an energy-saving mode, ZigBee Green Power (ZGP), which can also be used to operate battery-free sensors that obtain their energy by means of micro energy harvesting. The energy harvesting can be obtained from a button press, from the slightest temperature differences or from vibrations. These small amounts of energy are sufficient to generate the commands and send them over the ZigBee network


ZigBee profiles

ZigBee profiles

ZigBee networks themselves consist of the ZigBee coordinators, the Full Function Devices (FDD), which also perform routing functions, and the Reduced Function Devices (RFD), which are the ZigBee end devices.

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