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Mätoch Provräd (MPR I/II)

MPR values are radiation values of monitors developed by the Swedish Institute of Metrology. The MPR values MPR I and MPR II are used to identify low-radiation monitors.

The MPR values are the emission values for electric and magnetic fields that monitors are allowed to emit at the workplace. The MPR values are comparable to the TCO guidelines, but are not as stringently interpreted as the latter.

There are two MPR radiation values: MPR I and MPR II. The values for the static electric fields of MPR I and MPR II are the same as those of TCO 92, at +/- 500 V. For the low- frequency magnetic fields, MPR II has a value of 250 nano- tesla (nT) in Band I, TCO 92: 200 nT, and 25 nT in Band II. For electric fields, MPR II value is 25 V/m, TCO 92 value is 10 V/m.

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