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LED filament

The LED filament lamp is a reproduced incandescent lamp in which the tungsten filament is replaced by a large number of micro LEDs strung together in a filament shape. The design with the outer glass bulb and the lamp base is the same as that of the incandescent lamp.

The absorbed power is considerably lower and is about one tenth, and the color rendering index is quite comparable.

Due to the many micro LEDs strung together, the LED filament lamp offers a wide beam angle of over 340 degrees. In addition, the advantage of stringing them together is that the heat generated is distributed over a larger area, which means that heat sinks can be dispensed with.

Structure of an LED filament lamp

Structure of an LED filament lamp

LED filament lamps have the familiar threaded bases and can be operated on low voltage. To limit the AC voltage, a current limiter and electrolytic capacitor are built into the lamp base.

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