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IrDA link management protocol (IrDA) (IrLMP)

The Link Management Protocol for Infrared LANs(IrLMP) is a protocol of the networklayer of the IrDA layer model.

IrLMP consists of two components for access and multiplexing in IrDA, Infrared Data Association: the Link Management Information Access Services( LM- IAS) and the Link Management Multiplexer (LM-MUX).

Protocol stack of IrDA

Protocol stack of IrDA

The LM-IAS database can be accessed by remote devices to query provisioned services. LM-IAS forms the basis for establishing connections in IrDA networks. Logical multi- connection operation over the same physical link is possible via the LM-MUX. IrLMP monitors the IrLAP connection and starts or terminates all logical connections.

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