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2.92 mm connector

The 2.92 mm connector is a microwave connector for the frequency range up to 46 GHz

. Developed in the 1980s, the 2.92 mm connector is also known as the K connector, which is the designation used by Wiltron Corp, and the SMK connector. The 2.92-mm connector has air as the dielectric, the diameter of the internal thread is 2.92 mm, and the outer diameter is 4.55 mm, as in other miniature microwave connectors. The 2.92-mm connector can be directly connected to the 3.5-mm and SMA connectors

. To allow the 2.92 mm connector to be mated without tools, it is available in special versions with an enlarged outer ring. UT-141, which ismode-free

up to 34 GHz, and UT-085, which can be used up to 60 GHz, are suitable as high-frequency cables.

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