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zone file

A zone is a management area for Domain Name System (DNS) information. The information of a zone is described in zone files, stored on name servers

and can be queried via special DNS commands. For organizational reasons and to increase availability, zone files are stored on a Primary Name Server (PNS) and mirrored on a Secondary Name Server (SNS). Zone files have a predefined structure from which the domain, the network, commands, the name servers, the refresh rate as well as attributes and various individual entries emerge. The entries themselves are called resource records (RR) and have a predefined structure: domain - class

-type - entry.

The domain contains the domain name of the computer for which the zone file is responsible.

The class stands for the protocol group or network, which is usually the Internet. The type describes the type of resource record and includes entries of the various attributes. This includes the Start of Authority (SOA), entries for the name and mail servers, and address entries. The Entry group contains data that describes the Resource Records in more detail. In addition, this area contains individual entries of a domain.

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