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zink bromide battery (ZBB)

Zinc-Bromine Battery, Zinc Bromide Battery (ZBB), is a secondary cell

that can be recharged many times. The zinc bromide battery is very different in concept and design from more traditional batteries such as the lead-acid battery; it is based on the reaction between the chemicals zinc and bromine. The ZBB battery can be fully discharged repeatedly, and has approximately 1,500 charge cycles. It is ideal for applications that require energy storage with deep cycling and long life

. Thezinc-bromine battery is made primarily from low-cost, recyclable plastics and manufactured using techniques suitable for mass production and at low production costs.

Key characteristics of the zinc-bromine battery include battery voltage of nominla 1.76 V per battery cell, power density of 120 M/kg, and energy density of about 70 Wh/kg. Zinc-bromine batteries are available with battery voltages and battery capacities of 48 V and 5/10 kWh, 72 V and 15 kWh, 96 V and 10/20 kWh, and 108 V and 22.5/45 kWh. the voltage of the battery modules with 48 V, 72 V and 96 V,

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