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yttrium-iron garnet (YIG)

YIG (Yttrium-Iron Garnet) oscillators are microwave oscillators that can be tuned over several octaves

with an external magnetic field. They are solid-state resonators whose frequency-determining element is a sphere of yttrium-iron garnet. Yttrium iron garnet has an extremely high quality factor (Q) and its frequency can be varied by applying an external magnetic field. The resonance behavior is related to the self-rotation of the electrons, the so-called electrospin. If the YIG resonator is additionally doped with gallium, the frequency range

can be further increased.

YIG oscillator, photo: Teledyne

YIG oscillator, photo: Teledyne

The frequency ranges for YIG oscillators are between 0.5 GHz and 100 GHz. Thanks to their high Q, YIG oscillators have low phase noise and high linearity of tuning, which is proportional to the applied magnetic field. Phase noise is below -100 dBc/Hz, typical linearity values below 0.1% with a relatively constant output voltage of +/- 2 dB over the entire tuning range. To make the frequency stability independent of temperature, the YIG resonators are operated in a closed, heated housing

(oven) with a constant temperature of about 80 °C.YIG oscillators are used in the microwave

range wherever thelarge tuning range is important. For example, in spectrum analyzers

, microwave receivers and military equipment. YIG resonators can also be used as tunable YIG microwave filters.

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