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yellow, magenta, cyan, key, overcoat (YMCKO)

What is known in printing technology and by printers as CMYK, namely a three-colour print with additional depth (key), has been supplemented for printing on plastic cards

by the overcoat, a protective layer. Plastic card printers print with YMCKO ribbons in the order yellow (Y), magenta (M), cyan (C), black (K) and overcoat (O). The latter is a coating that protects the plastic card against damage, fading and scratching. With ribbons, the colors are lined up and repeat in that order. With this printing technique, plastic cards can be printed in many colors with graphics, logos, photos or text

and covered with a protective layer.

YMCKO ribbon for a plastic card printer, photo:

YMCKO ribbon for a plastic card printer, photo:

There are also ribbons with a black print (K) after the overcoat. Accordingly, these ribbons are called YMCKOK. A watermark can be inserted into the protective layer and the plastic card can be made counterfeit-proof with the overcoat via positive-negative effects.

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