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wyPython is a toolkit that supports the creation of graphical user interfaces (GUI) using the Pythonprogramming language. Due to its generally frequent use, it is now part of the Python package. Other possible alternatives include Tkinter, PyGTK or PyQt

. The GUI toolkit wxWidgets, previously also called wxWindows, is becoming increasingly popular on all operating systems. Its big advantage is that it uses the native GUI libraries on most supported systems and thus graphically integrates very well with the rest of the programs. On Unix

, wxPython uses the GTK library as a basis, which makes wxWidgets programs fit wellinto

the Gnomedesktop

.wxPython provides a Python connection that extends the library

, which isvery powerful in itself, with many custom controls and provides an application programming interface (API) that adheres well to the conventions of object-oriented programming

under Python. Thedocumentation, which was originally very much based on the original C++ documentation, now deals well with the peculiarities of wxPython.

With the installation of wxPython come detailed examples, which are included in a demo program that can be started directly. wxPython is pre-installed on most Linux systems and on Mac OS X, and for Windows there are packages that make the installation easy. As disadvantages are to be noted:

  • wxPython programs have a relatively long startup time - but once the graphical user interface is displayed, the response time is excellent.
  • There is not as large a community behind the project as there is behind Qt/KDE or GTK/Gnome.

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