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worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (electric vehicle) (WLTP)

Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) is a test procedure for motor vehicles that replaced the New European Driving Cycle( NEDC) test procedure, which came into force in 1992, in 2017.

The WLTP test procedure is a test procedure for light vehicles. Compared to its predecessor, NEDC works more realistically and also takes into account fuel consumption and pollutant emissions with CO2 emissions. It is more representative because it is based on common driving behavior and empirically collected driving data, from driving routes all over the world.

In the test chamber, the test cycle takes place at 23 °C. The driving distances were extended compared to NEDC, as was the driving time. In addition, the average speed has been increased from 33 km/h to 47 km/h.

The WLTP consumption values for battery-powered vehicles are given in kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers (kWh/100 km) and are around 15 for subcompact cars and between 20 and 30 for SUVs. Another WLTP value is the combined range, which is given in kilometers.

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