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workstation technology extended (WTX)

With the WTX form factor there is a specification for the size of motherboards, power supplies and housings for workstations. The WTX specification, which is specifically oriented to the needs of powerful servers and high-end systems, was developed by Intel in 1997 and adopted by many OEMs

and motherboard manufacturers. As with the various form factors used in personal computers, WTX is concerned with the optimal placement of heat-generating components on the motherboard and the most efficient heat dissipation possible. These specifications allow motherboards to be equipped with even more powerful chips without thermal overheating. At 356 mm x 425 mm, WTX boards are larger than all PC motherboards and can therefore be fitted with considerably more chips and other components. The WTX power supply uses Molex connectors in special 22- and 24-pin versions.

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