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Workflow is a workflow, it the structured control of processes. Workflow can be used to implement business processes, in which employees from several departments are involved in a predefined sequence, in information technology terms. The individual activities of

a workflow are logically related to each other and follow a chronological sequence.A workflow process requires a complete description of all activities of an operation, it is clearly defined by modeling, whereby a check of the modeling with regard to the actual processing practice makes sense

. Furthermore, theintegration capability of the workflow software

and its components plays a decisive role in system selection

Workflow and workflow management

Workflows are defined with the help of workflow management systems


Such systems include the automatic coordination and control of business processes. They can be used to model, implement and execute the business process. Workflow management includes analysis and planning, design and construction, administration

, and user and control system. Theanalysis and planning are characterized by the capture of the organizational flows, by the design and simulation ofprocesses, by the calculation of costs and capacities

, andby documentation.

During the design phase, the workflow software must support the generation of the flows,

theeditor for graphics

, theresources and archives,

theinterfaces, script language

, and the representation of the structure. Theadministration is characterized by the monitoring of users

, boundary conditions, statistics and documentation. And the user system includes functions for theconfiguration and tracking of processes, resubmission, control of incoming mail, digital signature

and more

Benefits and advantages of workflow

Workflow improves and optimizes processing procedures. Processes have a high degree of transparency and data consistency, which relieves employees and simplifies data entry. Workflow allows business processes to run automatically, and employees can access information more quickly. Your workflows can be handled flexibly and changed quickly.

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