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wireless world initiative new radio (5G) (WINNER)

WINNER, Wireless World Initiative New Radio, is a 2004 initiative supported by many well-known companies in communications, mobile communications and chip technology.

WINNER is developing a concept for a radio system that can meet any communications need from short-range to long-range networks. The performance, efficiency and flexibility of such a network, called New Radio, will offer significant improvements in radio coverage.

New Radio is designed to meet the needs of users with a radio interface that meets 5th generation( 5G) communications requirements. This will be achieved using state-of-the-art mobile radio technologies and frequency distribution techniques such as Massive MIMO, scalable OFDM, coding schemes and microwave techniques. To minimize the cost per transmitted bit, WINNER will efficiently combine frequencies up to 700 MHz, 3 GHz and 28 GHz and access technologies.

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