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wireless to the home (WTTH)

Wireless to the Home (WTTH) is a radio transmission technology for the connection area, which is developing as an alternative to wired DSL technologies or fibre optic technologies. With WTTH, radio transmission takes place in the 60 GHz band

.Frequencies in the 60 GHz band have a very high free-space attenuation, which means that this technology can only be used over relatively short distances. In addition, the radio waves of 60 GHz and a resulting wavelength of 5 mm are extremely sensitive and cannot penetrate thin walls or the branches of a tree. In addition, bad weather affects the reception quality. With multipath propagation, the smallest propagation delay differences can occur, which lead to wave shifts and have a strong negative impact on the reception quality. The advantage of WTTH over FTTH is that there is no need to lay cables

or carry out earthworks.Due to the aforementioned restrictions on transmission, the radio cells must be installed at a distance of at least 100 m in line of sight

from thebuilding. The transmitting antennas with the routers

can be attached to lampposts, because they also have a supply voltage there. On the customer's side, the receiving antenna could be installed on the window. Technically, such a concept should allow four transmission channels, each with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. This would mean that the customer would have gigabit Internet with uplinks and downlinks of several gigabits.

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