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wireless time-sensitive network

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is increasingly used in Industry 4.0 and also in the Internet of Things (IoT). Since there is a particular demand for wireless technologies in the IoT, these applications are to be covered via the 5Gmobile network or via WiFi as wireless TSN

. Time Sensitive Networking is a technology standardized by the IEEE working group 802.1

forwired transmissions over Ethernet

. However, some of the TSN specifications developed by the AVnu Alliance

are also applicable to wireless networks. TSN technology was developed for precise time synchronization and requirements for the shortest latency. Wireless TSN is about implementing wired TSN functionalities in a wireless TSN network, and to this end, the standardization body has extended the wired TSN domains to include wireless domains, enabling access to IT resources. In doing so, TSN functions are transferred to 5G technology and WiFi, taking into account transmission-related characteristic values such as the packet error rate, which are significantly higher for wireless technologies than for wired transmission due to the fluctuations in transmission capacity and susceptibility to interference.

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