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wireless network management (WNM)

The use of PDAs, notebooks, smartphones and PC tablets as mobile end devices forces companies to manage and secure their wireless and mobile networks just as efficiently as the in-house local area network (LAN) or the fixed network

. Since the possibilities of use in mobile computing and mobile business

areconstantly increasing, as are the demands on mobile end devices, companies must establish efficient security mechanisms that ensure the identification and authentication of

theend devices and the subscribers. This includes protection against attacks, viruses and intrusions. In addition, the mobile application programs and the transactions on the PDAs, handhelds, notebooks and mobile phones must be checked and secured. Due to the structure of the end devices, networks, applications and sources of risk, the scope of the security measures is considerably higher than the network management requirements in fixed networks and LANs

. Wireless Network Management (WNM) provides the basis for meeting the security requirements. Such a system should be able to monitor the processes in real time, it should have a comprehensive error and performance management with which transmission-specific parameters such as interference, signal strength and repetitions can be directly recorded.

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