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wireless intrusion detection prevention system (WIDPS)

For wireless LANs based on 802. 11, there is a security standard ratified by IEEE, 802.11i, for which the WiFi Alliance has developed the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) (V2) for certification of interoperability. This protocol secures authentication and encryption

, butWLANs

arealso compromised by monitoring

toidentify, locate, and eliminate foreign access points (APs). These tasks are performed by wireless intrusion detection prevention systems (WIDPS), a variant of IDS

systemsand IPS systems

for WLANs. WIDPS systems can be stand-alone systems, or they can be add-ons that build on existing solutions.

The functions of WIDPS systems include detecting and identifying attackers, locating them, and blocking or eliminating them. This includes reporting functions that document compliance with legal requirements, taking stock of the current situation and checking the WLAN installation.

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