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wire wrap

The wire-wrap technique is a solderless connection technique known as wire-wrap. In the wire-wrap technique, the stripped wire end of a conductor is wrapped around the rectangular contact pin with controlled force using a special tool, the wrap gun.

In a wire-wrap connection, the contact pressure is such that the wire wrap cold-welds to the sharp edges of the contact pin and forms an oxide-free, gas-tight contact.

Wire-wrap connection, photo:

Wire-wrap connection, photo:

Four windings are required for an oxide-free connection. The wire-wrap technique can be used for conductor diameters of up to 0.5 qmm, which corresponds to AWG20. The size of the contact pins can be between 1 mm x 1mm and 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm.

The wire-wrap connection is described in IEC 60352-1 or DINEN 60352-1 and knows several techniques, which differ in whether the contact pin is wrapped only with stripped wire or partially with insulated wire. The wire-wrap technique is used for electronic assemblies and in backplanes.

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